Retroarch Rewind mess

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    Don't you have the impression that something basicly wrong with the rewind option concept ? I have the impression that he record again the saved rewind and like this, end of buffer very quick and smaller every time. They should minimum wait the actual buffered time after activation, before recording again. No ?

  • @Dragu no idea i don't use this feature. The buffer can be increased if you need

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    I'am not as good as you and often land in the abyss...
    I increased the buffer size to 50MB. So it is now usable. It could also be usable with just 10MB I think, if better logic behind. So more waste of memory, but ok, nobody is perfect.

  • @dragu well, open a bug at libretro if you believe the rewind option is buggy, but you'll need some strong techbical arguments ;)

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