Duplicate Names on PSX games on Recalbox Using UXS Scrapper

  • Thats it when i use Universal XML Scrapper for PSX games in recalbox it appears 2 names for each game and only one has the info scrapped (text an image) the weird thing is that the two names for each game are different example:
    Dino Crisis (USA)
    Dino Crisis (S)

    And only one has scrapped info (The cue and the binb have exactly the same name )

    Hope yoy can help me

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    @sismo99 which UXS version are you using?

    The latest version should handle cue/bin games properly afaik, i.e. only scrape the cue file if there is one.
    I suppose you are using some recalbox version lower than 4.1 unstable resulting in bin files being shown but not being scraped (by UXS). Version 4.1 removes .bin extensions for psx, so these need to be launched wiit its respective cue.

  • @paradadf hi thanks for your answer i'm using UXS and Recalbox 4.0.2 Stable the wwird thing is that this problem is relatively new (around a month) before the scrapping was fine i even translate some descritpions in the screenscraper.fr page so i do notknow what happens what do you recommend should i update to 4.1 unstable or what

    Another thing i saw that your primary language is spanish i wonder if i can make this question in th spanish forum to get a better understanding of your answer cause spanish is my primary language too


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    @sismo99 UXS was hidding the bin files when their cue existed, but as 4.1 unstable already doesn't show them (on psx) anymore, I suppose it isn't hidding them to keep the gamelist.xml shorter.

    You can either update to the unstable (which is great in my opinion) or just hide your bin files one by one. To do that you just press SELECT on the game, EDIT METADATA, and on the bottom of the list you have the HIDDEN flag.

    You can open a spanish thread if you need it, but please refer to this one if you do so.

  • I fianlly decided to update to 4.1 unstable and i am happy with the results now i got my recalbox just as i wanted Thanks

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