ROMs Won't Start on my RecalBox

  • Re: Recalbox won't start any rom!

    Tagged Frederico's post because I was having the same issue, but I followed everything that he did and mine did not work.

    I just bought my Raspberry Pi 3 and I downloaded Raspbian and Recalbox using NOOBS. NOOBS automatically gave me recalbox 4.0.2 as well. The default games that came with it and the ROMs I downloaded are not working. I just wanna play Punisher :(

    I was able to play Punisher (which I downloaded) and the ROMs that came with the recalbox during the first boot-up, but once I turn my raspberry pi off and on again, I can't open any of my ROMs. I'm new to all of this, so some help would be appreciated!

  • @mathusant I have no idea on what system does punisher run ...

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