How To Run Recalbox From USB On Any PC?

  • Can someone point me to some instructions on how to create a x86 bootable usb with a rom partition?

  • @Ze1 Instructions are such bare :

    • download the .img file
    • burn it to a USB stick
    • boot on the USB stick (and be quite patient, the very first boot can be quite long)

  • Plug your USB device to your recalbox, then power on your recalbox. Once on the recalbox's frontend, press the start button to open the options menu, go to system settings and storage device list. Now, select your USB device in this list. The system will now reboot after the choice done. During this reboot, recalboxOS will create on your USB device, a new folder called recalbox which will contain the /share partition of your recalbox.

    So to add your roms files, user data (save games, scrapes data, bios files etc...), you have to poweroff your recalbox. Then unplug your USB device from it, and plug it on your PC. Now you have just to copy/paste all your file directly from your from computer to your USB device without using your local network to transfer files. Once done, replug your USB device to your recalbox, power it on, and play.

  • Question: I have the x86 version burned to a USB. Boots fine, plays games fine. How do I add ROMs to the USB itself?

    When selecting the storage option in settings, it giving me a whole bunch of selections..."SYSTEM" (which i believe is my computer), "RECALBOX", "BOOT" and "NO_NAME".

    I wanted to try to load it by network, but it does not connect after inputing all the information.

    I remember trying the no name one, but it completely detroyed the installation and had to repartition, reformat and reinstall.

    Any suggestions? Or is this not possible?

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