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  • First, I have all the necessary BIOS. For loading the ROMS, I have tried 7z files, I have tried .bin files. I have tried converting .bin files to eboot.pbp files via psx2psp. None of the files I drop into the PSX rom folder will take. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. I am new to this and not super techy. Just started building the Recalbox a few days ago. So far, I have just looked everything up. The SNES, etc was easy but seem to have hit a wall as to how to handle PSX. Thanks!

  • Hi. was the rom a .ecm file before? So you have to convert it with a special converter. Only renaming will not be successful. The other thing I would try is another bios file. For psx there are 3 different bios (us, eu and jp)

  • Hey @JPMadman79
    Could you precise what you mean when saying "None of the files I drop into the PSX rom folder will take" ?

    • Does that mean you don't see them popping up in emulationstation after a restart or a gamelist update?
    • You see them in emulationstation but you don't succeed to launch them? (like black screen then move back to emulationstation menu)

    It would be good also to know the version of recalbox you're running because I know that in 4.1 they automatically remove the .bin file from appearing in the emulationstation menu in order to not have duplicate displayed games.

    You shouldn't convert any .bin file into eboot. I mean Eboot file is nice if you want to have one file for several CDroms (like the final fantasy games or some others. For the other games with only 1 cdrom, I would recommend to keep bin/cue/iso format.


  • When I copy and paste or drag and drop a file into the folder over the wifi using the //recalbox pc screen it just disappears. I don't see the normal box and a check or a x.
    These are the original files.
    Then once unzipped
    Still won't take.
    So I tried the psx2psp thing and the eboot files also did not work.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    @JPMadman79 please, use the search function of the forum before posting... it is likely that your questions has already been answered before.

    For example:

  • I looked around and did not find an answer. Sorry, not super tech guy, kinda teaching myself and just looking for a little advice and help. Didn't mean to clutter up your forums...IDK what, "Plug in your USB Stick into your Raspberry Pi and execute df -h again to find the newly mounted partition" means. But thanks for the help Paradad.

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    @JPMadman79 please, I advise you to read the manuals, watch the youtube videos, etc. The community has done a great job explaining all that stuff.

    There are articles for "root access on terminal", "winscp", and so on.

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