Recalbox 7.0

RecalBox and NFC Card Readers

  • Anyone know if Recalbox is configured to work with any nfc reader to implement into it.
    Meaning purchasing a small nfc reader an exact one doesn't come to mind but small enough to fit inside a small enclosure. Having that be able to call a game via nfc?
    I know DaftMike made one but he's been quiet lately not to blame as probably his parts haven't come in from China. I'd much rather stick to Recalbox as I'm not crazy about using Retropie at all.

  • CRT Fan

    hi ! i saw this idea at many places on the web (a real Nes case, NFC tag on cartridge, games launch when cartridge is inserted) but it's not implemented in recalbox yet. At least i've never seen a post about it.
    But maybe @Substring would tell you if its hard to implement 🙂

  • @idarius
    Thanks I've been searching for a while now and nothing. Only shows up on Retropie , he mixed up some python to read along with Retropie install when running the system.
    Hope something comes for the RecalBox soon.

  • CRT Fan

    i think it's not a big deal to add in recalbox, but... there's a lot of work in progress actually and i think a feature like that will be far away on the priority list 😉
    But if you know how to dev you can adapt the script to integrate your work in recalbox 😉

  • @creaturefactory well, the real deal is how to manage es ... That nespi just kills es before launching the game. But if you have a big rom library, stopping es can take some time. If you want it to go shutdown faster, you mustn't save metadata.

    I've been trying to put es to sleep before launching a game, but this desperatly failed (i don't like touching ES code ...)

    Anyway,that might be possible,but to be honnest, i dont have time to spend on that before months

  • @Substring Ah I see was hoping to implement something like this to Recalbox.

  • perhaps launching the game from the API, like this:

    Launch a game:
    curl -X POST -d "game name.sfc" http://recalbox.local:1337/systems/snes/launcher

    Launch a game

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