[Release] Klassiko

  • Themer

    Well, had some delayment since not everything was working as it should and had a crash on a system on the last moment, but it's fixed. So here it is.

    "Klassiko" for Recalbox

    • 4.1 Ready
    • System backgrounds
    • Artwork XML resized
    • Some logo change up
    • All systems covered

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Downloadlink: https://goo.gl/hNpYwS

    Enjoy, and again apologies for the delays 🙂

  • Nice theme.

    Picture aren't too much "heavy" with lot's of plateform activated ?

    And I think you must try UXS to scrape your picture 😉 (solo screenshot or cover are so sad ^^)

  • Themer

    @screech, Thanks.

    I've made sure it is light by cropping pictures. I agree about the XML haha, however this is just for some testing and to post screens 🙂

    Tomorrow my nano usb flash drive will arrive, and then i will put my roms on that as romstorage. Will put a clean install also on it, and with that the right artwork.

  • @RetroWilly Very nice work and thank you for this great theme!! 🙂

  • @RetroWilly Thanks for this super awesome theme... Love the musics ! Only thing I noticed is that the "last played" and "times played" lines are inverted in French language.

  • Themer

    @Benny, Thanks. I will look into that 🙂

  • Translator

    congratulations, it looks nice 😉

  • @retrowilly Hi, the download link is broken, you have another ?

  • Team
    Global moderator

    Could be great to think about EDIT EACH FIRST THEME POST to indicate before anything... witch version of Recalbox is compatible with this theme.
    Like : TESTED/Works on Recalbox 6.0 RC2 (DATE OF TEST)
    And edit the post title, for exemple : THEME : Next Pixel (OK Recalbox 6.0, April 15), or THEME : Next Pixel (Recalbox 18.xx.xx OK, Recalbox 6.0 WIP)
    This information must be on the name of the theme + topic, to see if there is update avaiable for theme's users.
    And on the other hand, it's very important, to see if there is all systems supported, and not particular problem...

    What do you think about ?

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