Recalbox 7.0

Scraper doesn't work

  • Scraper it's not working anymore. till yesterday it worked very well, today it seems to be very very slow and doesn't find any imagine and it says "we can't find any systems etc."
    what can I do?

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    @barney are you using the built-in scraper? If yes, use UXS instead (just search for Universal XML scraper) 🙂

    Did you maybe overclock you Rpi since yesterday? This causes a slow down for the internal scraper sometimes (or always?)

  • Idon't overlock it. I have a rpi 3. I have also universal xml but after fwe minutes it lost coonnection with recalbox

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    @barney do you have a weak internet connection? This behaviour is not normal. Try to use ethernet cables for your computer and raspi and then use UXS again. Should run without connection problems

  • I ve no internet problems, it worked since yesterday

  • Are you connected in WIFI ?

    If so try with a cable 😉

  • Same for me, don't work since yesterday. LAN connexion.


  • do you try the very last version ?

  • Latest version of what ? The Recalbox ? Yes ! Two days ago, all was nice. (For almost all games) but now, it can't find anything... Games likes Metal Slugs, or other famous games, nothing !

    For Universal XML Scraper, it work. I got the new version of it few mins ago. But some time, I prefer to use the inbuild system.

  • Yep the last version of UXS ^^

    For the inbuild I can't help you except TheGameDB is down about every day..

  • @screech
    Regading UXS, I would like only to have the game cover as the picture instead of an ingame capture. How to do that ? (That why I prefer the inbuild system. that make a nice game box cover for each games).

    Why some time UXS is extremly slow (like 20 mins for a folder with only 20 roms)? And some time it's really quick.


  • To scrape cover instead screenshot you can go to "option configuration" and choose what you want as "picture"

    You also can try some MIX template (juste relaunch the wizzard and choose a (MIX) profile)

    For the scrape speed it depend on many thing.
    The number of person scraping at the same time (server overload)
    The number of thread you use (default is only 1 thread, but with a registration on and some metada or media submission you will gain very quickly new thread 😉 )

    For your info, 1 thread mean : you scrape rom 1 by 1, 2 threads : 2 by 2, 3 threads : 3 by 3, and so on...

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