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FBA region names in filenames

  • So I finally have my roms from the latest FBA romset, but I have over 2000 files for the neogeo roms and would like to do a cleanup. Does anyknow know what the region suffixes are for FBA? I see letters at the end of the filename such as "h", "ja", "u", b1", b2", etc.....

    I wish this was easier like they do with console roms 😕

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    Weird romset you've found.

  • It's actually the latest FBA release, "FB Alpha 2016 Reference Set - Complete FBA v0.2.97.39 ROMs".

    I just don't like the way they are organized, so say Final Fight has various regions, instead of ffight(u).zip and ffight(j).zip, they would write it and, VERY difficult to have a program sort those out 😕

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    I think you need to scan your romset with clrmamepro

  • ahh, i'll try that, thanks!

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    Assuming your romset has the official rom names ("b1" is not an official suffix for mame!), I'd recommend you to take a look at this:
    Pay attention at the second post too 😉

  • Yeah there's really not an easy fix for this. I spent days cleaning (culling) my Roms for this issue. Clrmamepro can give you lists that you can then make batch delete files with (or move). Romlister is I believe what I used, as I was able to make plain text lists including removal of roms like trackball, hanafuda, quiz... Another trick if you have on your computer the emulators, is to go through their favorites, fighting, 4 button.....lists, and make those batch files that move or delete the roms (ask the Google how its not hard).
    It should go without saying that you use a split set if you didn't already know, otherwise you can't remove the individual builds from the roms. In case you were unaware. Good luck, it just takes some tlc.

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