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Beginners help with Ipac2

  • Hi all,
    So I've just finished my first bartop build and I have installed the latest Recallbox. As I'm a total beginner I can't get the buttons to do what I want. Can anyone offer some advice on how to program an Ipac2 ?

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    Try using the search function and reading the wiki. Your question might have been answer before.
    More or less, everything you need is here:

  • ![Hi,

    Thanks for that info. I have seen those and gone through the wiki. I don't know if this is all a bit above my head but I can't make sense of it.
    I don't know if this helps but I have 6 buttons and one start button per player and a joystick,
    Each wired as they should into each side of the ipac2
    I've turned on the arcade and tried to do the initial configure. That gets me part way, but from then on I don't understand how I know what button should be programmed to what.
    I'm not sure what should do what etc.
    This is what I have built so far

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    @mrt88 well once you've done the configuration, just configure each button in Emulation Station.

    Do not remap your ipac2 encoder on windows, juste use the standard conf.

    Inrecalbox.cobf, make sure you don't have the line used for ipac configuration two times, that's what broke it for me.

    Also your buttons won't be enough you'll need one hotkey button plus one select for each players

  • 0_1482582783128_IMG_5355.JPG

    Thats the arcade as it stands.

    I did know about the two select and the Hot Key buttons i need. I didnt want to add them and drill the arcade till im sure i can get this up and running.

    I know it sounds daft but once ive done my configure how do i then edit the recalbox.conf ? my issue i have is (being new ) i dont know what each button should be mapped to even if i got to the conf file. i dont know if that makes sence ? what should be A,B,X etc to work with the majority of emulators.

    Thank you again for your help.


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    @mrt88 Well start by reading the manual and every relevant page in the wiki's how to...

    For the button mapping no need to bother if it doesn't please you just change it.

    For me I think i did:



    when you're more knowledgeable and it you want it, you'll be able to define custom configs by emulator and thus console (I didn't bother to do it as I never owned any console beside GB and Dreamcast, so controls are ok for now anyway and the one i chosed seems to be 100% fine with arcade)

    also you won't be able to exit games it you don't have a hotkey nor to play a lot of nes games without select

  • @mrt88 The easiest way to edit recalbox.conf is toplug your pi on the network and go to http://recalbox/ or http://recalbox.local/ if you're on MAC/Linux

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