Assistance needed please.. Trying to connect Pi3/Recalbox to Ethernet. To transfer ROMS with FileZilla?

  • Hello,
    Firstly I'd like to say thank you in advance to anyone who can help me with my request.
    I'm new to the whole Raspberry Pi/Recalbox/Emulator life and recently purchased a pre built machine however after many hours of attempting to upload roms I've failed miserably. Also, the software and games are currently working fine however I'm trying to add more roms.. The previous owner pre loaded many games however he used FTP and I can't figure that out to save my life and unfortunately he is too busy to shed some light on it.

    From what I was told it is a Raspberry Pi3 and the software of Recalbox is currently running of a 64GB SD card. I've tried to connect using FileZilla and FTP however I have failed that ridiculously. Now I'm trying to transfer roms using an ethernet cable by bridging a connection but can't seem to figure this out. I've already tried putting roms onto a USB drive however that hasn't worked for me either.
    If someone can please shed some light on how I can simply put roms onto the Pi3/Recalbox SD card by using an ethernet cable that would be awesome. Thank you and sorry for the noob question. I've watched many videos on youtube and google'd for hours and have failed :(

  • What is our connection status?

    Are you able to ping the recalbox IP address from your computer?

    If the answer is YES, please use WinSCP ( - Freeware) to connect to the Recalbox via SSH.
    alt text
    Username: root
    password: recalboxroot

    If he changed the default root password, I´m afraid we will need it or wipe out everything and start from scratch.

    Once you´re connected, you should be able to browse the Share folder and it´s ROMs (Roms are organized by system). (It´s a drag and drop interface like Filezilla, but instead of FTP, SSH is used to transfer the files).
    alt text

  • @boxcarpilot Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my post. Highly appreciated!!

    Since I posted earlier on, this is what I've done and where I'm currently at. I connected my Pi3 directly to my router using an ethernet cable and updated the RecalBox system to the latest one. I then was able to go into the network settings and see that the status is 'connected' and that my IP address is ''

    Now this is the first time I've done a ping test so I had to google how to do that, sorry.
    But I've now done a ping test to that IP address and this is the results. Does this look correct?0_1481081909290_Untitled-1.jpg

  • Also, I've now installed WinSCP
    This is what I've entered in order for it to proceed to the next part.
    File protocol: SCP
    Host name:
    Port Number: 22
    Username: root
    Password: recalboxroot

    It then proceeds to a dialog box and asks for a password which again I entered recalboxroot. It then asked if I wanted to proceed with the connection etc which I clicked yes. I will now try to copy a rom into a folder and let you know if this works :)

    And now I can see a page similar to your second photo. I will try to copy a rom to a folder

  • It appears to be working and I've successfully transferred 6 PSX roms and all of them work.. Very appreciative of your post and that definitely helped me out a lot as I was using different username's, passwords, and despite downloading a bunch of things I didn't come accross the one you mentioned so I'm glad you suggested that as it seems very simple to use :)
    Thank you very much and all the best. Now I just have to figure out how to add a image to the game so when I hover over it, it'll show a picture like the other roms. But I'm guessing that shouldn't be too hard :)

  • Moderator

    @Paolo_1992 you bought a pre-built machine with Recalbox already installed on the SD card? Can you tell us where/from whom? If that is the case, let me tell you that the seller is a fraud! Recalbox is free and it is illegal to even give it away with the purchase of any other product!

  • @paradadf
    Hello, thanks for your information.
    The machine is basically a stand up arcade machine. Which has been built from scratch using a timber frame construction, 19" ASUS LCD screen, joy sticks, Raspberry Pi3, speakers etc. The Recalbox software was pre-installed onto a SD card and had a few thousand games uploaded. To be honest I wasn't aware of it being illegal to sell something with Recalbox on it. The person was a private seller and built it for himself but no longer used it hence the sale, I do apologise if I've caused any issues by purchasing it.. I'm just intending on using it for personal use and as for the seller he was a random person on Gumtree here in Australia and he delivered it to me which from what I can see it is the only one he sold and doesn't have any more as I just did a search and couldn't find any.

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