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The Recalbox Team.

No controls in Kodi on ipac 2

  • Hi guys,

    Just installed recalbox and al is working fine except no controller support in kodi.
    Also /recalbox/configs/kodi/input.xml file is not present in my config.

    My controllers seems to be configured in es as :
    #1 xarcade-to-gamepad
    #2 xarcade-to-gamepad

    any Idea?

    also one minor thing is I don't seem to be able to configure my player 1 config hotkey as "select"
    but that's not that bad, I can use the P2 start/select combo for exiting emulators

  • Just a quick update on this,
    I managed to get my ipac2 controls working in kodi by setting up a dual boot following this guide:

    (after booting in Kodi my ipac is seen as "keyboard" and not as virtual joysticks")
    afterwards I installed a kodi plugin "keymap editor" to change the controls in Kodi.

    Just takes a little longer to swap from kodi to recalbox and visa versa.(talking about seconds here)

    Works Great!

    I do have another issue maybe someone could help with that.

    I have some vertical games in my mame emulator that I want to start with ratio 16:15 but don't seem to be able to save retroarch config per game.
    I already can save per core by "game settings-->game ratio-->custom"

    Any ideas?

  • Your kodi problem is not solved, it's just avoided lol

    Regarding your ratio problem ... you can't set some per game options yet, that's something we have added ni 4.1. As for now ... if you can't set it in the metadata of a game, you can't set it at all then. But it's a pity to loose the original aspect ratio

  • Thx for clearing that out Subs.
    i'll just continue setting up my cabinet with future vision for setting up ratio per game when 4.1 gets released .(any idea about a timeframe for that )

    Further I would like to thank you guys for this great frontend.
    I think the simplicity in controlling the frontend is what makes me choose recalbox over retropie .(less is more) and must not forget a great "favorites" system is a must as I use that a lot on my windows based cabinet (Gameex).


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