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    Hello all,
    i use 2 gamepads 8bitdo ZERO on recalbox 4 bêta 5, on RPI 3 with dongle BT compatible.
    I start my 2 gamepads with Start+R as the wiki say.

    I can pair the first pad, and i configure it, no problem, but for the second, i can pair it, but when i wan't configure the pad, nothing work... i try to reboot, forget BT, refresh the connection nothing work, i can pair it nothing else ... any idea ?

    thank you

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    @buddevil I have the sams setup and it works for me. I have had the issue you described though. Usually, pairing it again resolves it. What I mean is that it can sometimes be a pita, but it works.

  • I have 2 pads and both don't have the same firmware, so i can't use both atthe same time because the keys that the pads register are not the same, and it messes up SDL. I believe you're in the same case ...

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    I'am trying to configure only the second pad, so i forget all devices BT on recalbox and i pair only the 2 nd pad, pairing is Ok, but the problem is that when i wan't configure it nothing work.... strange ! only on the scond pad... so it work perfectly on android or on my computer W7 as joystick PC.....the first pad work correctly... STRANGE !

    I can't change firmware on ZERO gamepad, i can do nothing so ...

  • this rather looks like a udev rule problem. Can you go to your recalbox networks shares rhtough windows, \\recalbox\share\system\udev\rules.d and show me what the only file there holds ?

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