Support for Powerblock?

  • Hi there
    I'm quite new with Recalbox, but I love it. I purchased a Pimorini Picade Arcade Case and planned to install RetroPie - until I learned about Recalbox.

    There is a web site from petRockBlog who sells a fantastic Power Shield which allows to power up and shutdown a Raspberry with a external toggle switch. But there is a small software setup and configuration necessary - which is obviousely not possible with Recalbox since it bases on Buildroot.

    Is there any chance to get this Power Shild supported in Recalbox sometimes?


  • No one in the team owns one. I can't say it woudln't work, nor it would, just it's not on the todo list

  • I wonder if such a Shild is necessary at all?
    Could it be, that Recalbox "protects" its file systems ("/" and "/boot") through "read-only" access?

    Or let me ask my question in this manner:
    Can I corrupt the Recalbox file system(s) by no proper shutdown or a simple power-off by pulling the power plug?

    Kind regards,

  • Moderator

    @RK.aus.S recalbox tries to prevent sd corruption by using a read-only file system, so yes... you can corrupt your sd card by doing that.

    You can always remount the partitions as rw if you need to edit them.

  • Anyway we added several power management options, so there are alternatives to the powerblock

    Recalbox filesystem is read only to prevent any possible corruption. I wouldn't bet my wage it's bullet proof, but it's still quote robust so far

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