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    I just translated a few sentences in the wiki. I had to notice that it's quite hard to find a translated version of a specific page. Here is an of example what happened to me: I translated a whole page from EN to DE. I wanted to replace the links with DE pages (if existing). But I missed the existence of one page and started to translate it (even though a translation already existed).

    If you look a Wikipedia there is a link list in the side bar linking all translated versions of the page you're viewing. I think something like that would be a great feature for such a huge multi-language wiki as recalbox has. Maybe an external wiki could help as the GitHub wiki does not seem to have built-in option for that.

    Just an idea.

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    Hahaha, currently we trying to find a good alternative of github's wiki 😉

  • I agree, it would be great a system like the wikipedia one, where you can take and article and see all the other languages it had been translated, but...i dont think github support something like that

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    we are already working on a new solution. Thank you for your patience.

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    Oh I love you guys ❤.❤! Always trying to improve everything. Keep up the great work!

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