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  • I was trying to play Mario Party 3, then 2 on the pi last night and once you get into the game, the characters disappear and so do the dice. Is there a specific core to use for these games? I just have it on default right now as that seems to work for all other systems. I looked for a compatibility list, but the last one was as of version 3.3.0, and I'd imagine it is further than that in compatibility.

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    @metzger130 You can try different plugins (gliden64 is the default one, but you have rice and n64) and see if the compatibility is better for that specific game.

    This seems to be an known issue for gliden64 (see issue), but apparently it has been solved and should work when gliden64 gets updated on Recalbox.

  • Theses games doesn't work with all plugins. All characters are missing from game map =/

    I recently tried on odroid xu4 and it works.

    Here is a compatibility list of N64 games.

  • I saw that compatibility list, but it was as of version 3.3.0 and was wondering if there was a new list somewhere. also, the Mari Party says PAL version and I use NTSC, so didn't know if that mattered either.

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  • Here's how I got my Mario Party 3 to work:

    Put in a zip file. Unfortunately, recalbox does not liked zipped files in N64 titles for some reason. You'll have to manually put the file into your pi in the roms/n64 folder.
    Next, go into the xml file that's in your n64 folder. Change the directory of the path for your Mario Party 3 file (for example, if it was Mario Party 3.z64, make it Mario Party 3.zip). It still won't pop up on your manager, but now the zipped file will show on your pi.
    Now, go into the emulation settings on your pi for the Mario Party 3 settings. Select the retroarch/libretro option, and don't leave the core on default (even if there's only one option for libertro, for some reason it will not run on default)

    That should work. Retroarch plays Mario Party 3 at a much lower resolution, which makes it stable enough to play. Increasing the resolution will cause issues, including the characters popping back out of place. This method works for most roms that aren't normally supported. Hope this helps!

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    @badatgames you can just press select on the game, edit metadata and choose the libretro emulator for n64. There is no need to compress files or whatever. The standalone version of mupen64plus doesn’t support zip files fyi.

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