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[SOLVED] How to configure several Same-Name-Controllers, Chinaware in recalbox

  • Hello!

    I installed Recalbox yesterday and it's very amazing.

    Everything is described in the Internet, but I have 1 simple question...And there is nowhere described.

    I have two NES, SNES, N64 and PSX controller ordered from China. Why does not Recalbox remembers the controller layout for each controller OR how can I save all manually typed controller layouts??

    I have also ordered 2 USB extension cable. The aim is always to change during current operation, the controller. Should it be possible, right?

    Thanks very much.

    Best regards from Switzerland


  • Hey !

    Configure your controllers from the options, and it will be saved !, No need to redo it at every boot. Or maybe i didn't understand what you meant ?

  • The problem is, I do not understand the idea behind it.

    Now I have it tested again. Example: I go to Controller settings - Configure a controller and configure the PSX controller. Then I can play with the PSX controller. But when I configure the NES controller, the PSX controller configuration is lost and can, for example, with the X button in the "Driver" game no longer drive.
    Even then goes the X button (as B for Select) menu no longer. But does the NES controller.

    If I then the PSX controller under Controller settings - Configure a controller configure, then the NES controller is no longer correct.

    How should I understand that?

    2 Pictures...

    0_1470095737896_IMG_20160802_013101 (600x338).jpg

    0_1470095649083_IMG_20160802_013233 (338x600).jpg

  • Do.your controllers have the same name ??? I saw you forced the player 1 controller. If your nes and psx pad both have the same name, recalbox can't know which is which 😕

  • That's the problem? How can I rename it?
    When I Configure a controller both are called Gamepad.
    Can I solve the problem anyway?

  • mmhhhh udev can't rename devices as far as i remember. Both your pads are USB ? Or they come with adapters ?

  • Am I the only one who has that problem?

    Can I change something in the configuration files?
    The controllers are new and all work.

    I found this:

    Maybe you can say me, what i must change.

  • no, better try

    Let me explain : devices are handled by udev. But you can "force" some behaviours of udev, one could be to rename your pads

    Even has the very same problem as you

  • Thanks very much subs. I have tested it with your first link (Case A). It doesn't work. 😞

    Case B, it does not concern.

    Assign USB ports with ID_PATH in udev also makes no sense, because there are 8 Controller.

    Did you have another idea?
    Could I solve it with RetroPi?

    Here what I did according to your first link:


  • You should first connect with SSH and mount -o remount, rw / as the root filesystem is read only for better stability

    Next, please run /recalbox/scripts/ and upload the resulting archive so thtat i can check a few things by myself

  • The output as follows:

    Could it be a solution, the individual controller when I save for each emulator, if possible?

  • well ... It's worth a try, can't promise it will work. The downside of that method is that you may need to set it for evey emulator unless you don't use N64, Kodi, moonlight and scummvm. If so, you could add to recalbox.conf global.configfile=..... replacing the dots with the full path to your custom file

  • Ok, thanks very much sub. I will try it later.

    And what do you think, if I use a USB-hub and then make a udev Rule with ID_PATH as described in the last post from the first link? I'm not sure, but when you see the second link, I think the author had problems with a USB-hub and udev-Rule. Are you the same opinion?

    @subs said in Beginner: Why does not Recalbox remembers the controller layout for each controller? No-Name-Controllers, Chinaware:

    no, better try

    Let me explain : devices are handled by udev. But you can "force" some behaviours of udev, one could be to rename your pads

    Even has the very same problem as you

  • I'm not really familiar with udev, just know a few things about it. I might test at home some rules to rename some pads as i have several PS3 clones that have the same name

    Have you read the link on retropie ? bad idea in fact

  • I started with the configuration for each emulator.
    What do you mean with global.configfile=..... why not nes.configfile=..... for example? It's important for me to know that. I'm going to learn retroarch very quickly.

  • Tjat's a recalbox parameter file, not retroarch.
    If you use the global keyword, it means that you force custom configs for ALL emulators, even non retroarch ones (mupen, kodi, moonlight, scummvm)

  • Yes but can you explain me something:
    I only connect the one (!) specific controller to a usb-port and then I start a game in the specific emulator (for example snes) and start retroarch to make the configuration. Then I Save new config for this controller with his specific buttons.

    If I would like to game SNES someday, I connect the SNES-controller to a usb-port and I start a SNES-game. recalbox.conf starts for me the specific cfg-file that I have configured (snesright.cfg for example).

    I make also a cfg-file for PSX, etc. etc. there all need a seperate cfg-file because the controllers are different for each emulator. So why global.configfile= and not snes.configfile= ?

    Or I understand something wrong?

    Thanks very much.

  • The system name is the one in the roms folder

    Tbh, you'd better buy another pad for 10 €/$ from a different brand, it's worth the trouble you'd avoid. It's gonna be really complicated for you

  • It works. With manual configuration for each emalutor in RetroArch it works. And it works also for multiplayer with more of the same controller.. But it's a little bit dangerous with the device index in RetroArch, but it works.

    It was a simple question, why did you want to use global.configfile=. I can not understand. That's all. I want to learn and have now learned a lot - for me and my friends!
    I now have an overview and can now googling individual pieces.

    Thanks very much subs!

  • the global.configgile would have forced custom config files also for moonlight, scummvm, mupen and kodi

    Vy the way : congratulations for solving your problem! was not the shortest solution, but at least you can enjoy recalbox now 🙂

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