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[Wait][Feature 4.1.0] Mame2003 Missing Sounds (i.e. Donkey Kong)

  • Hi all, I e-mailed the Recalbox team but haven't received a response yet so I figured I'd post this topic here as it might be helpful to others. I'm new to emulation and I can't figure out how to add the missing sound samples to the original Donkey Kong Arcade game.  I've managed to get the sounds working in Retropie by adding the appropriate WAV zip file to the "samples" folder within the mame2003 rom folder, making sure both the rom and WAV zip files share the same name.  I don't see any such option in Recalbox or in any manual that I've come across so I'm stuck.  imame4all just crashes when I attempt to start the game.  I believe I have the correct rom's and correct cores turned on so if anyone knows how to get sound samples working on old arcade games in Recalbox please share your knowledge! Running the latest version (v4.0.0-beta3), RPi2, Overcklocked 1050MHZ

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    Hello Samples are not available in recalbox 4.0.0 only with fba libretro, samples work. mame2003 libretro core will be upgrade in the next version of recalbox : 4.1.0. Samples, cheats, history, hiscore will be available.

  • Hey I really appreciate the response.  I haven't been successful in getting an old arcade game working with fba libretro yet (maybe my roms are incorrect), should Donkey Kong be able to play fully without extra sound samples (just the rom itself) or is there a way to add sound samples to fba libretro? If so, mind explaining how? Looking forward to the updates, thanks!

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    Create Samples folder in /recalbox/share/roms/fba_libretro. Put samples in folder created. Play game. More informations in this post in french:

  • Worked!

  • Having the same issue with the same game in mame. Did you just drop the samples folder in the rom folder? I tried that and the game stopped working. I know I should just wait for the 4.1update, but if there is a away to make the mame missing sounds work before 4.1 comes out, I would love to know

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    @tk421red5 the first thing you should do is read the _readme.txt on every system. You'll be amazed with the useful information that has been put there 😉

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