Setup a PS3 controller is driving me crazy

  • Dear all. This is my first post and believe me, I have been reading like crazy and trying to put in place everything before asking one more time. But nothing works and I start losing my patience. I have a PS3 controller, SIXAXIS, and doesn't matter what I do, I plug the controller, the lights start blinking, I wait 10 seconds, I unplug and after I press the Home button. The lights start blinking faster, but nothing else happen until the light stops in the number 1. When I go to setup the controller, Recalbox is telling me that no control pad is detected and doesn't matter how many times I press the buttons, nothing is detected. I have modified the config file with the 3 types of controller driver, but the only one that is doing something is the official one. With the other 2, the lights never stop blinking. And finally, I have bought a Bluetooth dongle that I saw in Amazon several opinions saying that was working with recalbox. I'm in a dead end and I don't know what else to try. Thank you very much in advance for your help.

  • I have the similar problem. In my case when unplug the usb the control turn on the led relative second controller, then doesn't works.

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    To beginn with, use the dmesg command to find out which controller you exactly have (i.e official, gasia, shanwan). Which version of recalbox do you have? Which version of Raspberry Pi? You say that you "finally" have bought a bluetooth dongle? Where you trying with the built-in bluetooth of the Rpi 3? FYI, it isn't supported yet. Try fully charging you controller  (again?) before pairing. If that doesn't help, try resetting the controller with a clip pressing the little button on the back of it.

  • @David You said once you cable your controller for 10 seconds and unplug it and press PS button it flashes and then settles on a steady #1 light. This means you're good to go. You don't need to configure the controller in the ES menu. PS3 controllers are pre-configured. It should simply work at this point to control the ES GUI. Can you move left-right at the main system menu?

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