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  • Hi everyone, I'm using recalbox 4.0.0-build-16 on a Raspberry Pi 3 and I couldn't connect to my WiFi until I changed the password to one without special characters, such as "#", "$" and "%". The same behavior occured to me while trying to use Retroachievements. For the Retroachievements part: I figured out, that when entering the password in ES (e.g. "1234#$5678") it will get cut down to the number of characters which come before the first special char. In this case "#". In the .cfg, the password is then shown as "1234" For the WiFi part, it's a bit weirder: When entering the password in ES (e.g. "1234#$5678"), it will be shown as such in the recalbox.conf, but it just won't connect to the WiFi and ES will get me the error (WiFi configuration error) I could connect to my WiFi with special characters in the password though, when I was using recalbox3 on a Pi2 B and an Edimax WiFi Dongle. Any suggestions and/or ideas on this behaviour?

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    add \ before special characters

    ## Wifi KEY (string)   


  • Thanks for the info. I haven't seen the "Debug WiFi" in the English and I wasn't looking in the french section. Issue on GitHub is closed

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    Nobody to translate in english for now. this solution was on french forum. retroarchievements it's ok too ?

  • Yes. Both are working just fine 🙂 But maybe it would be a good idea to implmenent another solution, wouldn't it? If I would speak French, I would do the Wiki, but as soon as it is available in English, I could do the German translation, as I'Ve just did for ES.

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