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  • Hello. You can take me a question? I bought the Raspberry Pi 3. I installed Recalbox 4 Beta2. The Bluetooth Raspberry PI3 not want to find the Joystick Playstation 3 original. Not connected with the USB cable. It can only operate with a bluetooth usb connected externally. I wanted to use the Raspberry Pi 3 itself. The .cfg file is already abilitado bluetooth and only PS3. Is there anything I can do or Recalbox is incompatible with the bluetooth Raspberry Pi own 3? Thank you.

  • I think the Bluetooth driver of the RPi3 isn't released yet. Meanwhile use a seperate bluetooth usb dongle.

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    v4.0.0-beta2 Added rpi3 support (without bluetooth) Added support for power management boards Added rpi gpio and wiringpi Added OOB remote controls Fixed keyboard issue in ES Fixed retroachievement support on picodrive and fceumm libretro cores Fixed system locales

  • Thank you all. Can anyone tell me when it will be released the operation of Bluetooth RPi3? Thank you.

  • Hi all, Same issue for me, so any information about when it is planned to release recal box version compatible with RPI 3 bluetooth will interest me. Thank you.

  • Pi3 BT drivers haven't been officially released. Just a hack to a linux bt driver to "feed developpers", but nothing more. We have tested it, ir works at the ridiculous speed of 115200 bytes/s ... looks like bt support was made in a hurry at RPiF 😮

  • what speed is needed for ps3 controllers to work reliably and without lag?

  • 115 KB/s sounds good for a silpe joystick

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