3D0 Freeze at logo on Recalbox 7.1.1

  • Hey guys,

    I have a problem with the 3D0 roms on recalbox 7.1.1.
    I tried to load them and the launch, pass the room set, and then display the 3D0 logo, then...nothing. I can got to the menu, or return to recalbox, but none of the games work.
    I have played these rooms on the 6.1.1, on pi3, on retropie...
    So the rooms should actually work. Also the Bios have been updated to the certifies green thumbs M5 ones.

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    Hello @Benzitor
    fisrt, remapp your gamepad in Emulationstation > configure gamepad
    try again, and they dont play,
    launch game and go to /system/logs, and upload all files inside folder.

  • Hi,

    Not sure i understand. I did the remap. Still the same
    Went to log while launching the game...not much more chances here.
    The logo appear, then it freezes.

  • I really tried everything, with different versions of the bios and nothing changes. I cannot run any 3DO games that run on Recalbox 6.1.1 on Pi3 and Retropie with same bios on pi4.
    Any thoughts ?

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    @Benzitor hi, i don't think there were a bump of 4do. Your romset is a redump one ? Did you try with a 3do redump rom ? Just to be sure that roms are not the problem. And reinstall the right bios, with the right md5 (check it in the ES menu, green thumb)

  • I finally got to load the games. I already had redumps, so it was a problem of bios set on the emulator. It was set on a Sharp... After i switched to the original Pana1.0 US M5 it worked out perfectly.

    Thanks again for all

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    @Benzitor cool 👍

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