Recalbox doesn't recognize PC's built in Micro SD card slot.

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    I've wanted a nicer emulation system since my RPI3 died on me and I thought my ACE PC AK1 would be a good upgrade (especially considering these devices were used to make the Dreamcade) Link to device:

    I flashed the most recent version (as of 11/29/2020) of x86 64 bit Recalbox onto a 120 gb mechanical hard drive and the computer boots into recalbox with no issues. The problems comes with trying to get the OS to recognize the roms located on my 64 gb Sandisk ultra sd card which is inserted in the AK1's built in micro sd card slot.

    Prior to this installation I had Lakka installed on the AK1 and the SD card and roms were recognized. I fiddled with all of the storage settings in system settings to no avail. If there is one, my guess is the solution has something to do with going into terminal. My apologies if this has already been answered, most of the troubleshooting stuff I found on this site had more to do with Raspberry Pis which just makes me miss mine 😕 RIP. Please help!

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    Hello @DevonDude
    sorry for my english

    Do you try to install recalbox on SDCard, and put your roms, bios on hard disk ?

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