HDMI audio not working Recalbox x86 (Optiplex 390)

  • Thanks for such an amazing program and community. This is a first time build, and while I tried retropie I simply love the superior ease of use with Recalbox and am so happy with my Raspi 4 build that I decided to try to upgrade to an x86 machine.

    Specifically I have
    Recalbox x86_64 bit
    SSD 240gb
    Dell Optiplex 390 mobo
    G630 CPU (lga 1155)
    GTX 750 GPU

    It outputs to an older monitor just fine, but the audio isn't coming in. I tried the audio jacks on the mobo and it works just fine, and I would consider the work around of just plugging a cable between the audio jack on the pc and the monitor, but the interference is very noticeable and makes the audio unbearable.

    I'm thinking there is a conflict between the built in sound card on the Dell Optiplex motherboard and Recalbox?

    I searched for a config file to switch the audio to HDMI=2 to force the audio to the HDMI but I didn't see a config.txt file like you would with a retropie build. Is there something that is equivalent?

    Thank you for any help you are willing to give.

  • You should give a try at this method, that could help you 🙂


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