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Recalbox 7.0: Startup very slow

  • Previously when I turn-on my raspberry 3b with Recalbox 6.1.1, the system was ready to play in about 25-30seconds +/-.
    Now with Recalbox 7.0 and a raspberry pi4 (more powerful) The system take many time in start:
    1- The screen is in black ~17 seconds (raspberry to monitor with adapter microhdmi to RGB TFT 19")
    2- The video is played (I have added this line system.splash.length=0 in recalbox.conf to disable the time while the video is played)
    3- Emulastation is loaded...

    I can not view sense to play the video in this case because it take time to boot the system. In RB 6.1.1 the video was useful because it was played while the system continued loading.
    ¿Is it normal the long time with the blackscreen in point 1?
    ¿Could be reverted the option to play the video and load the system in parallel at the same time?

  • Developer

    Hi again @RetroVadus,

    On my pi4 the system is up and ready in about 30 to 45s (depending of the boot video played). When you put system.splash.length=0 this says that the boot video should be stopped as soon as ES can start.

    In many cases, this can reduce boot time. Anyway, the boot video is played will some background services are started, so this does not slow down boot time (if you put 0).

    In your case, you should check your SD card as it's not normal for your pi to start booting after some much time.


  • Hello!
    As I can read in other posts, seems that the point 1 (the long time in black screen at the begin) is related to a bug and it has been fixed (thx). I will wait to the release of RB 7.0.1 to check.
    Then the startup process would look like this:

    • 1- Black screen (fixed in RB 7.01)
    • 2- Video is played and the load do not continue until video end. (of course depending of the key system.splash.length, -1, 0, >0)
    • 3- Splash screen with pacman is shown.
    • 4- Progress bar for loading emulationstation is shown.
    • 5- Ready to play

    Anyway as suggested before; plying a video in parallel while the system is loaded (like in RB 6.1.1) could be good.

  • Screenscraper
    Global moderator

    @RetroVadus This is still how it works: The video plays while the system loads in background.

  • Hello @Bkg2k,
    Not load of the system in background here 😕 . Right now I checked it again several times with same result. As example in the next case, if I set a custom video in folder bootvideos with this configuration in recalbox.conf

    The system is delayed 30 seconds more in startup. The spashscreen with pacman and the load of emulationstation appears after the video is played.

    RB7.0 + Raspberry pi 4 4GB

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