Kodi doesn't start, stays stuck on black screen

  • After booting recalbox, when I start Kodi, the screen becomes black and it just stays there.

    I asked on the French forum, no answer. I asked on the Kodi forum and they told me that Recalbox is using a different build and they can't help.

    The setup has the Raspberry Pi and a Nas behind a router.

    I have the following scenarios:

    • I start Kodi, I instantly get a black screen.
    • I start Kodi with the network cable disconnected, it will start. I can plug the cable after and it works.
    • I start Kodi with the internet disconnected from the router, I get a black screen
    • I start Kodi with the NAS disconnected from the router(it was there during Recalbox boot, so the share is enabled), I don't even get to the black screen. The Recalbox menu that starts Kodi locks right there.

    So it looks like the issue is not about internet access.
    But there is something it tries to do with the connection to the NAS that doesn't go well.
    When Kodi starts and goes to the black screen, there is no activity on the NAS, so it's not doing anything with it either.

    Is there a way to get Kodi to log its startup to see where it is stuck?

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