Wired IP Address 6.1.1 - Cant Change

  • Hello,
    New to Recalbox and I am VERY new to linux. Installed on RP3. Connected via wired ethernet. I want to change the IP address but have been unable to. It keeps setting to .101 which is the same as one of my wifi access points. I would like it to stay below .100 where the rest of my devices are. I have tried everything on https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os/wiki/Manual-IP-settings-(EN) but when i try nano /etc/network/interfaces.base the file that opens up is blank and there is no eth0 ip. I have looked on the web interface and at the config file and all i can find is WIFI settings. I dont want this on wifi. is there anyway to do a linux version of ipconfig/renew? Can i set a static IP? Is my only option to dump recalbox and go with retropi?

  • DHCP is probably handing out that address. One method would be to obtain the MAC address for your RP3 and then access your router and create a DHCP reservation for that MAC. What this will do is when your RP3 tries to connect to the network the DHCP server will recognize the MAC address and hand it the IP address you have specified. Just make sure that IP is not already in use.

    I'd give you steps but it can vary on router. But you can just navigate to the IP in your web browser. If your not sure of your router IP just open cmd on a windows PC and type ipconfig /all. The router IP will be the "default gateway" IP


  • @rrrrowsdower I double checked my router and it was set to .10 - .245 . I had it set up to just do .10 - .99 but i did reset it a few months ago and missed the ending IP. Thanks for the advice.

  • @GreenToast glad to help

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