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  • Hello, I have been searching the Forum, did find a few other people with a similar problem, but no solution:
    trying to run Amiga Games on Recalbox 6.1.1 on my PC via USB Stick.
    Two USB Sticks, one for the Recalbox-Boot-Program and another one for all the Bios and ROMs.
    So far, all Systems are running, Emulation of Amstrad, SNES etc no problem.
    BUT: Amiga600 Games ONLY start when using adf (= Disk) Files. LHA Files won't start - they show up in the list but I get kicked back to the menu screen as soon as I try to start a game.
    Are LHA Files maybe only working on raspberry?
    All the Bios and Roms are named correctly, MD5 checked and in the right directory.
    Any idea what else I could try out?
    Thanks very much in advance!

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    @Juvava hi
    all my .lha packed whdl roms work fine.
    Are all your bioses ok ? Are you sure that your .lha roms are ok ?

  • @Scavy Thanks for your answer and offer to help.
    Thing is, I can't check my Bios with Recalbox Manager, as I don't get a Wlan connection...
    But I am 99% sure, that they are all ok - I checked all the MD5's...
    Only possibility is that I am missing one particular ROM that is needed for LHA.
    But why would afd work then?
    Strange and a bit frustrating.

  • are there any messages in the recalbox log?
    use this command right after trying to launch a game

    tail /recalbox/share/system/logs/recalbox.log

    And also

    tail /recalbox/share/system/logs/es_launch_stderr.log

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    puae does support .lha on pc (as amiberry is only available on rpi), but I haven't had the time to test it in the latest version (available on the next release). On 6.1.1 I believe it is a bit more complex to make it work... some stuff has been changed on the core lately which should make everything a bit simpler. You I'd just wait for the next release.

  • @paradadf said in Amiga on Recalbox PC / USB:

    just wait for the next release.

    😬 so excited 😬

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    @paradadf said in Amiga on Recalbox PC / USB:

    puae does support .lha on pc

    @Zaphod woouups, i had in mind you were on a Pi, and you are on a PC, so it's normal as paradadf says...

  • @paradadf Just to make it clear for me: you are saying that it could be the case that lha on PC does not work with 6.1.1?
    That's ok with me, at least I know I don't have to look any further.
    Hopefully the problem will get solved in a new release.

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    @Juvava RCB uses P-uae on PC x64, and uses Amiberry (default emultor) on RPI3.
    P-uae does not support .lha, Amiberry supports this format.

  • @Scavy Thanks Mate, that helps a lot. Would have saved me hours, had I found out in advance 🙂

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