Can't connect to recalbox via putty

  • Hello ,

    I Can't connect to recalbox via putty , I put my recalbox IP and i get the message :

    Network error:Connection refused

    I connect through browser at recalbox putting my Ip and also I see the recalbox network at my network places.But I cannot connect via putty

    Any help?


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    @ee4649 If you are able to access Recalbox through the browser, then the problem is in Putty. Search google for this error message, and you will find several possibilities, depending on your operating system. From what I read quickly, it is usually a problem in the Firewall.

  • I have disabled firewall and I downloaded the latest version of putty but unfortunately the problem exists

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    @ee4649 I really don't know what it can be, I recommend searching on youtube for "putty Network error: Connection refused" and testing some of the proposed solutions.

  • I searched through internet but still nothing, I tried also other programs which are similar to putty but the problem exists. Btw thanks for your answers

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    Hi @ee4649 A connection refused error means that the remote server (in this case the Recalbox) has blocked this port. It's possible that the router has security in place, because it's a common factor for worm propagation. Please check your router or internet box, and you ca mention me if you have any update.

    Yours faithfully,

  • I have forwarded the port 22 (ssh) of recalbox and the Ip of recalbox at my router but still nothing happened. The putty refuses to connect.

  • Make sure you're using "SSH" and port 22. Putty default connections are for COM port connections.
    Have you tried simply using "recalbox" instead of an IP?

    Last, can you try either an alternate WiFi router such as your cell phone? Turn on moblie hot spot, connect your PC to your hotspot (might want to try some simple network tests to confirm it's working) then connect your RB to your phone?
    Alternatively, you can use a RJ45 ethernet cross-over cable, but that's going to involve a lot more work using DOS commands like ARP.
    Either of these will eliminate network rules that may be blocking the connection.

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