Flycast (Dreamcast emulator) - gamepad configuration conflict

  • Hello team.

    First of all, thanks for your amazing work, and the joy & excitement you give us with Recalbox !
    Dreamcast emulation is much better now with Flycast. Many 2 players games are fully functional, which was not the case with Reicast (I guess that's because Flycast supports clipping, and Reicast didn't).

    However, there seems to be an issue with gamepad mapping with Flycast: the Up and Down directions on the left Joystick generate 2 "actions" each.
    For example, in several car simulation games, pushing the joystick up will move the car forward (that's ok) AND change the camera.
    Pushing the joystick down will brake (that's ok) but also change the camera !

    Like if a single button on the joypad, is mapped to two distinct buttons in the emulator.

    That was not the case with Reicast.

    Is it a known issue ?
    Can we modify the gamepad mapping of Flycast to change this ?

    Thanks a lot !

    Edit: forgot to mention I am using Recalbox on an x86 PC

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    @axelr the core will be updated (most likely) for the next release and it is very likely that the issue will be fix with that.

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    @axelr said in Flycast (Dreamcast emulator) - gamepad configuration conflict:

    Is it a known issue ?

    That's definitely not a core issue, updating the core won't help.
    iirc, some car games used analog to move & dpad to change the camera, so my guess would be that you have both analog & dpad mapped to the same controls, maybe you have "analog to digital" enabled for your controller or something, it's hard to know but it's definitely an issue with your settings.

  • @barbudreadmon @paradadf
    Thanks for your help.
    Not sure why Flycast/Dreamcast mapping is different than other cores.
    I tried with two different joypads and had the same issue.

    Anyway, I was able to fix the issue by doing the following:

    Modified config via Retroarch in-game menu (Hotkey+A)
    Changed controller parameter: "USER 1 Analog to Digital Type" to None (was set to left) for all Users
    Device Type was already set to "Controller" for all users

    Then do a "Save Core Remap File" which will maintain this configuration for that particular Core even after a Recalbox reboot (seems a better method that trying to use hardcoded cfg files to override the default mapping, as those could be erased by Recalbox after reboot or an upgrade if not properly done)

    Now every time you start a Dreamcast (=Flycast core) game, you see in the bottom left: "game remap file loaded" and it works like a charm.

    See explanations here:
    (sorry for the Retpropie link...)

    Note remap per core files (*.rmp) are stored in a hidden folder (use ls -a to list those folders starting with ".")

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    @axelr said in Flycast (Dreamcast emulator) - gamepad configuration conflict:

    USER 1 Analog to Digital Type

    Yeah, that's exactly what i was talking about, you'll break any game that use analog & dpad for different things with this setting, that's not necessary limited to the flycast core, it's just that dreamcast happens to be one of the systems that can use dpad & analog for different things.
    In the first place this setting is just a horrible workaround for people who want to use dpad to mimic analog controls, but those controls can act differently on original hardware, dpad is a messed-up replacement for analog control, it's impossible to "turn the wheel at 50%" with a dpad.

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