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Recalbox 6.1 : Unable to upload a Nes Rom on Recalbox Manager 2.2.3 fresh copy. Page never loads (Javascript issue)

  • Hi,

    I just installed a fresh new copy of recalbox (v6.1) on my Raspberry 2b and when I try to load a rom on the Nes folder on the web interface, the page dedicated to Nes roms never load.

    By checking the web browser console, I see 2 javascript issues :

    • Object { message: "Invalid character in entity name\nLine: 5\nColumn: 25\nChar: ", errors: {} }
    • TypeError: a is undefined

    I have flashed my drive with a new copy, but the issue still exists. This issue occurs only on the Nes folder. The other platform folder works well.

    Do you know this issue, is there a workaround to allow me to load my Nes roms ?

    Thank you.

  • After some tests :

    • Fails on Firefox, Chrome and Edge.
    • I have verified each ROMs folder, only NES fails

  • I have deleted manually default nes games, the issue is still there

  • Bonjour
    do you have resolve your problem?
    i have the same problem

  • I have a similar problem I download NES ROMs put in the folder and when I try to load it occurs the same errors.

    Does anyone solve the problem?

  • Except for the NES ROMs, I have a problem using the other consoles they stop during the game just freeze.

    But first I wanna find the problem for the NES console why they can't be readable.

  • Developer
    Global moderator

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