Recalbox v6 - USB Keyboard Encoder not working

  • Hey there, I am currently creating a new v6 installation from scratch (as no upgrade is available) and I cannot get my USB encoder board working...

    The v6 wiki does not (yet?) say how to do it so I've followed the steps that were needed before v6:

    • enabling xarcade in the cfg
    • listing available devices via ssh (ls /dev/input/by-id)
    • creating an empty file with the device name (usb-Arduino_LLC_ArcadeForge_Key_Strike-if02-event-kbd) in /share/system/configs/xarcade2jstick

    But it won't work. Please don't say custom keyboard encoders have been dropped, which would render the whole bartop useless.

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    @smashdde what v6 wiki ? Afaik there is only one wiki for all version, and unless a miqtake or said otherwise wili pages for old version should still apply :

  • @voljega ok, let me change v6 wiki into current wiki. In the current wiki there is no mention of the steps listed here:

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    @smashdde just follow the specific xarcade one, the one you link is for ipac

  • @voljega well, there are some buttons mapped to something but due to one usb encoder is used for two players I do not know how to remap them properly for player 1 AND 2, just one works ok now but how about the second joystick and set of buttons? Thanks!

    EDIT: configuring the first player via GUI gives info "keyboard", so I've configured the joystick and buttons to player 1. As soon as adding player 2, which also states "keyboard", player 1 config gets overwritten and only player 2 is available.

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    @smashdde try just configuring the first one, and see if it works in game for both player (conf maybe automatically duplicated/adapted for player two, it is the case for other encorders)

  • @voljega Thanks very much for the hint, I have tried that and mostly it works. But some buttons from player 1 trigger actions of p1 and p2, some do not work at all. Joysticks are fine for both though.
    I am able to reprogram the usb encoder, it's based on a type of arduino... is there a default button mapping available somewhere, so I can adjust that accordingly?

    Found this, is it really THAT easy? Just reprogram my encoder to this button mapping and it's done?

    Sorry for asking so much details, but fiddling with the encoder inside of the bartop is quite a hassle. 🙂

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    @smashdde hmmm i'm out of my depth now 😉

    Maybe @acris can help

  • @voljega Thanks very much!
    @acris I don't know if he's getting any info when writing this, but if he could take a quick look and maybe take a guess what's going on - that would be great!

    Current status: I've reset the USB encoder to default settings and rewired all buttons (each player: 6 button layout, 1 coin, 1 start; 1 hotkey button) to match the default mode 1 xarcade layout:
    alt text

    I have configured player 1 controls inside recalbox (v6).

    Issue: some player 2 controls trigger player 1 actions, for example in Dinosaurs and Cadillacs, when p2 jumps p1 punches.
    I have no idea why it's behaving that way, the buttons/keys are fine, checked for continuity and shouldn't misfire like that. Besides... in my old v18.07.13 both players worked fine.

    I did not port any config over, everything is installed fresh from scratch. But I am unfamiliar how emulationstation carries the button mapping over to the different emulators... Anything I might be able to check there? Or something else?


  • Holy sh...! It's alive again! I cannot pin the reason down though, but I'm certain it was something I made wrong again and again. Maybe sth. to do with the windows ssh shell (didn't want to set putty up because I find that confusing). Anyway, thanks so much for guiding me through. 🙂

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