Start Button does not working in somes PSX titles

  • Hi guys

    I'm having a rather irritating difficulty.
    In version 18.07.13 of Recalbox, in the emulator of PSX (Playstation) some titles work 100% well.
    All games load and run, but some simply do not allow me to boot the game.
    The games: Tekken, Tekken 2, Soul Edge, StarBlade Alpha simply do not receive the Start button command and do not initialize the game.
    Others like Sillent Hill, Crash Bandicoot 2, and Alien Ressurection all work perfectly well.
    My Recalbox is mounted on a Raspberry Pi 3B, the ROMS in the PBP format and the gamepad is a generic, dualshock format, branded by Mikrontech.

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    @leosabino Upgrade to the latest stable version (currently Recalbox 6.0 Dragonblaze):
    You will have to back up your files and start from a clean install because the updater will not be able to upgrade from such an old version (there were many changes).
    After that, test and return here to say if it solved.

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