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Problem with images and data in MAME

  • Hi all. I have a problem. It does not show me the images and the data in the MAME console. The PNG are in the right place and the XML is also with all its data but for some reason it does not read it.
    The games are going well, the problem is that it does not show images and descriptions in the menu. The other consoles if they do it well.
    What can be ? I already erase the xml and nothing, I velve it to generate well but it does not show it.

    I leave a section of the code to see how it is

    <path> ./ </ path>
    <name> ACCLAIM PSX </ name>
    <image> ./ images / acpsx-image.png </ image>
    <rating> 0 </ rating>
    <releasedate> 19950000T000000 </ releasedate>
    <developer />
    <publisher> ACCLAIM ENTERTAINMENT </ publisher>
    <genre> VARIOUS </ genre>
    <players> 1-4 </ players>
    <hidden />
    </ game>

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    Global moderator

    @jor when you edit the gamelist.xml, EmulationStation MUST be turned off. That’s how it works...
    And you should use one external scrapper, as the internal doesn’t work at this moment.

  • @paradadf

    I second the OP's claim: this only happens with MAME, and all other systems are fine and display the game info correctly.

    Mine was a fresh install, where I scraped using an external program (Skraper).

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