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NEED help

  • hi guys, so i,m new to recalbox and i loved it right on the very first time i tried it thank for everyone who,s a part of the devoloping team,
    so i got recalbox to work on my 64x laptop and i have some Questions;
    i wanted to know if i can put my recalbox in my internal harddrive and do a triple boot cuz i already have win7 and Kali.
    i couldn't run any ps1 games i did everything right and i still can't make it work.
    and finnaly im struggling to make wifi work and no luck and i tried everything i found in here.

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    @ma7fouth Hello!
    I also do not speak English, so let's try to understand ourselves:
    Firstly, I do not know which version of Recalbox you are using, so please do a clean install of the latest version (currently version 6.0 RC2).
    Already with version 6.0RC2, make sure you have the BIOS of the PSX valid, because this emulator requires BIOS.
    About wi-fi, I believe it helps if you change the file in the recalbox.conf region of wi-fi, to your country.
    Useful wiki links:
    About dual boot, or triple boot, the most complete manual I know is at this link (in French):

  • @Zing HELLO again
    thank you so much for your reply,
    so let start so i successfully did my triple boot so perfect actully it was pretty easy and i did all my self i mean i tried looking on google but no helpfull so i tired all my self and i came with the methode,
    so yes i also have 6.0RC2 but no wifi and i sespect that recalbox do not integrate the right driver for my brodcome network card, any way i tried everything and still not work, and in the end can you please explain to me where exacty and which bioses to get for psx.
    thank you in advence

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    @ma7fouth Okay, let's see if I can help you:
    If Wi-Fi still does not work in version 6.0RC2, I recommend that you post the model of your motherboard and the network card, stating the problem in this topic:
    Regarding the BIOS, it is prohibited on the site to request or broadcast any content that has copyright, therefore, you will have to obtain them on your own.
    What I can help you on this subject is to direct you to this Wiki link:
    In it says where to put, which names and MD5 CRC are correct for each emulator.
    NOTE: The system is case sensitive, so the names and extensions of the BIOS must be exactly the same as what is requested. An easy way to check if the BIOS is being recognized is through Recalbox Manager, but if you are without internet, this is not possible ...

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