Memory cards larger than 32gb on Rockpro64

  • I have a Rockpro64 and was trying to load Recalbox onto a 128gb Samsung SD card. It was very unreliable, sometimes it would boot, sometimes it wouldn't. It didn't save settings and when it was working it was sluggish (not just on the initial boot where as I understand it the partition is being resized). I used the SD formatting software and guiformat.exe before writing the image to make it FAT32.
    I also tried a 32gb Sandisk card and it works much better but doesn't give me the space I was hoping for. I am wondering if the problem is the 128gb doesn't work well with the Rockpro64 or if it was the fact that it was a Samsung card. Has anyone used a larger card in the Rockpro64 successfully? I'm wondering if I should buy a Sandisk 128gb card (or another brand if anyone has one working) or if that is a waste of money. Thank you.

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    @km782 I have used 64 Gb SD Cards with the Rock64 and Rockpro64 without any issues in the past. Sure you bought yours from a reliable store?
    Anyway, I’d rather recommend yo use an USB Stick to store your roms instead of using a high capacity SD Card.

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