Dreamcast - Roms don't start - BUG? - My Workaround - Recalbox x64, stable 18.07.13

  • Hi, my Dreamcast-roms don't started. After a short black Screen it went back to the rom-list...
    The BIOS and the MD5 are definitely correct. My Workaround: First - Every Rom in a separate Folder. After renaming the .bin-files without spaces in the name and correct the .gdi-file the roms starts... I hope it helps.... Is it a bug?

    Recalbox x64, stable 18.07.13

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    @schattenwesen Hello!
    First, how are you sure the BIOS is correct? Have you checked into Recalbox Manager?
    Second, I did not understand the part of the rename and the separate folders, did you try with a normal ROM, with the original name, without being in separate folder? Are you sure it's a "good" ROM (which is not a bad dump)? Are you sure your hardware is strong enough to run Dreamcast?

  • Hello, first - my dreamcast-roms run... 🙂
    I wrote this, because i need a lot of time (and many bad words), to save the problem with the dreamcast-emulator...
    Many people write that they had the same problems and i hope it can help them to find there problem.
    I spend a lot of time to find the right dreamcast bios d6e11a23f1fa01cddb5dfccf7e4cc8d7 - yes i have checked it in the recalbox-manager... - green 😉
    But the roms would'n run... My mistake was, that all roms (.bin and .gdi) where in the same rom-folder from dreamcast!
    After build one folder for one rom there was nothing better...
    BUT after delete the spaces in the name of the .bin-files AND edit the .gdi-file the roms can start !!! (P.S. the .gdi-file is a text-file, you can use any texteditor to edit it...)


    If this spaces-problem is normal: Is it possible to add this info to the readme-file in the rom-folder in later Recalbox Releases (who can do that?) ? Thank you!

    Bye Schattenwesen

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    @schattenwesen could you please open an issue reporting this problem here:


    Please, try to be precise and only explain ehat’s happening.

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