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Raspberry Pi3 : Run .lua games (How to create .lutro files ?)

  • Hi everyone !

    I'm currently trying to run a Lua file (a game small developed by a small team) on lutro which is in Recalbox (OS running on a raspberry pi3 on v18.07.13). After many tries, I and my group discovered that only .lutro files can be launched on lutro. However, I can't find any way to create a .lutro file or to convert a .lua file into a .lutro file. The final goal is to launch a game coded in lua on a raspberry pi3. What it does now: It runs .lutro games perfectly (the ones who already exists on internet), but it doesn't launch Lua files, it runs the game for 2 seconds and automatically exits the game (With nothing showing up on the screen).

    I would need help very soon, my group's time is running out.

    Thank you !

  • Developer
    Global moderator

    @lucas2699 .lutro is, afaik, just a renamed .zip file.

  • @paradadf already tried it but it doesn't work... I created a very simple .lus file that show a square, zipped it and renamed it but it doesn't launch on my RPI3 running Recalbox...

    Other suggestions?

  • Developer
    Global moderator

    @lucas2699 have you tried using lutro on other platform? It might be related to the game more than recalbox.

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