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[SOFT] Bin/Iso to multidisc PBP

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    Hi all,

    I recently tried to batch convert PSX dumps into PBP files.
    Mainly because this file format is crunched and saves lot of space. And also because it supports multiple CD into a single file, which is also supported by many PSX emulators to provide quick & easy disk swaping.

    The main tool available on Internet is a very old tool, made ten years ago. Hard to get support, hard to find latest versions and even harder to get the source code!
    Fortunately, it supports batch conversion. Unfortunately it is very slow and even worst, it fails when converting unknown games by overwriting previous generated files randomly...

    I decided to write my own converter. After 2 weeks of documentation hunting and various reverse engeneerings, here is the first version: Bin2Pbp.
    It's not made to generate beautiful eboots for your PSP. Its main purpose is to convert quickly large CD collections and save as many bytes as possible. Generated PBP can still be run on a real PSP and you can find other tools to edit icons/images/sound if you wish.

    Run the executable on windows in a shell (cmd.exe or powershell) and gives only 2 parameters: source folder & destination folders.
    The software reconize some file decorations to gather multi-disc games: (cd X) or (Disc X) or (Disk X) where X is the CD number from 1 (or event 0) to 9.

    • Arc the lad collection (cd 1).bin
    • Arc the lad collection (cd 2).bin
    • Arc the lad collection (cd 3).bin

    will be converted in a single "Arc the lad.pbp" file containing the 3 ordered CD files.
    ("CD" can be written "cd" and "Disc" or "Disk" can be in lowercase also "disc" or "disk".
    The software display many progression reports while crunching/converting. It also use all cpu cores available to achieve multi-threaded compression.
    It's simple and fast.

    Linux users can also run the software the same way after installing the mono-runtime or mono-complete package.

    Warning: The PBP format is just a crunched encapsulation of existing file: single bin or iso. Multi-track dumps in multiple .bin w/ or w/o a .cue are not supported at all. You must convert your multi-track dumps to single .bin or .iso files. There are many tools on Windows and Linux. Advanced users may use CHD tools to convert from multi .bin into uncompressed CHD and then from CHD into single .bin using a batch file.

    Since I'm working on many projects, I have no time to improve that simple tool. Here is the source code (.NET console app + pbp library): Bin2Pbp Sources.
    Feel free to debug/improve or even make a GUI with more options :)

  • Thanks a lot.
    I will try.
    What about .cue and .xxx small files sometimes attached to bin files ?

  • Thank Bkg2k!

    A great program, very useful, simple and fast! ;)

  • Info multi cd to one bpb seems only to work like this
    If you name it like this it does not work

    it seems only to work like this
    SLES-02803 CD1.BIN

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  • Banned

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