Recalbox doesn't show up in my network anymore (Windows 8)

  • Hi there.

    For some reason, I can't access my Pi3B through my laptop (OS: Windows 😎 anymore. It used to show up in my network, but it's no longer there. The Recalbox has internet access and I was able to use the Universal Scraper with it via my laptop, but I still can't access the Recalbox itself. Am I missing something?

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    @randomtask Have you tried accessing via windows explorer using Recalbox's IP path? Everyone who has access problem to Recalbox via Windows, the problem is in Windows, for some reason it does not allow network discovery, usually the problem is that the network was defined as private rather than public.

  • @zing That worked, I was able to access my Recalbox via its IP path. And it seems a lot more comfortable to move files and edit metadata that way, so thank your for the suggestion. However, I can't access the "FBA_libretro" and "gbc" folders for some reason.

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    @randomtask Sorry, but it does not make sense you can not access only 2 folders, this is very strange! Test restart both devices and try again as there is not a good reason for this to happen ...
    I do not know what it might be, I suggest trying to recover the SD card in windows, to eliminate that the card is corrupted.

  • @zing Tried it again, those two folders are still inacessible and lead to an endless loading cycle. Regardless of whether ES has been stopped or not, other folders work fine. I don't know if other systems are affected as well, since I don't have ROMs for every system on my Recalbox. I noticed these two in particular because I wanted to edit the metadata of some specific games, other platforms seem to be fine.

    I've checked my SDCard for errors, Windows couldn't detect any. FBA_libretro and gbc are odd because I couldn't grab data for them via the Universal Scraper, maybe that's got something to do with it?

    Worst case scenario, I'll have to try a clean reinstall.

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    @randomtask If you can do a clean installation, do this, it's the most recommended. If you have backup, test delete these two folders, they will be rebuilt when you start the recalbox.

  • @zing I think a clean installation might be for the best. Just one thing, how do I go about the current microSD? Do I just flash Recalbox to it again or do I have to perform a reset, and if so, how?

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    @randomtask First, back up. After backing up, format the memory card with the SDCard formatter (or any other program of your choice), leaving the card in FAT32 format. After that, burn the Recalbox image from the latest version to your card, use Etcher (or Win32DiskImager, or Rufus) to burn the image. Once this is done, it is enough to give the first boot (which takes longer than the others, because it will create the SHARE partition, so wait until it boots).
    Once this process is completed, simply copy your ROMS, SAVES AND BIOS to the new installation. When in doubt, follow the link's instructions:
    Was that your question?

  • @zing Okay then, I've made backups and did a clean reinstall of Recalbox. I can now access the "fba_libretro" and "gbc" folders, everything seems to work fine so far in that regard. But I can't add CD-sized games due to size restriction yet or edit the menu music.

    I'll look into how to edit my network, so I can access the "share" folder again. Thank you very much for your help so far.

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    @randomtask You have a problem on your network, for some "failure" of windows (some automatic configuration probably). If you use some version of Linux for example, it would not have any problems (you can run Ubuntu, for example, via a USB stick if you find it viable).
    But considering that you will not do this, it is recommended to use the WinSCP program on windows, so you do not have problems with large files:

  • @zing Done, everything's in order and working as it should. Again, thank you very much!

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