Recalbox + Pi3 raspbian dual boot problem

  • Hi there,

    Got myself a pi3 a few weeks ago. I’m new to this environment. Mounted recalbox on one sd card to relive the good old days. installed raspbian on another sd card for other purposes . Everything worked fine. Reading about the pi3 i figured i could have a dual boot SD card. I followed all the step very carefully.

    Went through the whole process installing noobs copying the files to the OS folders etc. Now when i Turn on the pi noobs boots up , when i select raspbian it boots without any issues. When i select recalbox Nothing happens the green led on the board is not blinking.

    Got on to read a bunch of forums, checked my power supply, reformat SD card, did new install, same problem. There is obviously something I am missing here but what?

    telldunkin feedback

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    @anabel592 please contact Noobs support. Currently there are issues with Noobs and some pi3.
    You can try the direct install from our website if you want to play with Recalbox.

  • @anabel592 you need to use an old version of noobs like 2.4. Recalbox is temporily removed from NOOBS because of hardware compatibility and recalbox using too old "drivers", so to say

  • You can also use 4.1.0 release of recalbox with NOOBS 2.8 :

    Boot on recalbox and update to latest version 🙂

    If NOOBS fails again with this version, you can also use Pinn (à enhanced version/fork of NOOBS) :

    (works fine for me)

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