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ES die when try switch theme after upgrade to 18.04.20

  • I’m a hasperbery Pi3 user , and after upgrade recallbox 10.04.20 stable , I’m change my default theme from Galisteo_V2.3 to recalbox-next.
    But after change it , I’m no longer able to change the theme for any other.
    I get no error messages, the only symptom is when the new theme is choose , and we get out of the UI menu , Emulation Station resets and hangs in black screen with small recalbox logo.
    The only way to get out of this hang is a forced shootdown by cli and it every back to Recalbox-next theme…
    I'm able to start it again using RecalBox-manager or rebooting the box , but the theme is stacked on recalbox-next theme...

    No errors was lited in /var/log/messages or in /recalbox/share/system/.emulationstation/es_log.txt
    Any suggestion to handle with it ?

  • I had the same problem after last update 10.04.20, can't use my previous theme. Evenmore, defect themes in last update are wrong because some console's names are missing.

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