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For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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Benchmarking script

  • Hey,

    I've decided to relax a bit with what i'd call necessary development vs pleasure development. So, as there are new boards we may support (the first one who talks about pi3b+ is banned for 25 generations !), or just to "compare" already existing boards, i'd like to write a script that would help benchmark all that.

    Here are the different goals I'd like to achieve:

    • get a "score" about how easily the board could emulate
    • add some "bonus multipliers" that would show how good the card performed

    What I can monitor for now:

    • CPU% used
    • number of frames expected, number of frames dropped (therefore the number of frames rendered)

    This is exclusively with Retroarch !

    Any suggestions are welcome ! How you can contribute:

    • suggest roms (and eventually savestates where it runs bad)
    • anything else you'd find revelant to monitor
    • help with maths if you think my logic is stupid

    The script is yet very simple for now : you specify the core name and the rom, then the script will ask RA to run 600 frames (can be changed), and I will get a few results from that run that can help bench and rank each board.

    pinging @voljega @gaetan @gkralicek2 @noktambule @supernature2k @OyyoDams to have people read here at least 😄

  • Banned

    @substring good idea but in the case of pi3, retroarch core are not necessarily pushing the system to its edges no ?

    well there are still a few games on snes or psx lagging, but we have to find them, or maybe we can activate enhanced resolution on psx to bring the pi3 to its knees and whip it into submission ! yeah !

  • Tester

    @substring That's a good idea! I think I can find one or two PGM arcades games that are not running so well on Pi3, as @voljega said, with enhanced resolution on psx they maybe few games to test!
    Also, we are talking to make those tests without overclocking the pi I guess ?
    I'm in 😉

  • @voljega or just start something that is known to be awfully slow ! May take a look at the arcade compatibility lists

    We can make things more complicated if it's that easy :

    • starfox
    • killer instinct arcade if i can ever get it to work
    • some early 3d arcade game
    • add shaders

    I guess it's not that hard to find some setups that would put diwn any board on its knees

  • Tester

    @substring I already made KI 1&2 work, but very, veryyyy slow. If I can make it work again I'll like to make the test
    On arcade there is Tekken, Soulcalibur and other 3D games like this that can be tested
    You're talking about Starfox on snes ??

  • Tester

    @substring @voljega , j'ai Killer Instinct 1 et 2 qui tournent au ralentie (évidement), mais ils ce lancent donc il sera possible de les comparer.
    J'ai aussi une rom de Golden Axe Duel qui fonctionne, même si là aussi ça lague à mort, elle pourrait servir pour les tests.

  • Banned

    @gaetan hmmm étonnant, avec quels émulateurs et avec ou sans CHD ? (si oui placé comment par rapport à la rom ?)

  • Tester

    @voljega pour les KI les CHD sont placés dans un dossier nommé comme la rom, dans les dossier des roms
    Pour Golden Axe Duel il s'agit d'une rom sans CHD.

    Il y a quelques mois j'avais des roms KI qui fonctionnaient sans les CHD, mais je les ai.... perdu 🙂

  • Banned

    On boards where dosbox is available under Recalbox (I dont think benchmark is usefull outside Recalbox), you can already use the tool that I posted for download. Could be interesting to compare PI3, Tinkerboard and XU4 under same Recalbox version. PCPbench

  • Banned

    @gaetan Les deux KI et Golden Axe : The Duel 😉

  • Tester

    @voljega j'ai juste édité mon poste au dessus 🙂

  • Banned

    @gaetan du coup je suis vraiment surpris pour Golden Axe The Duel qui ne marche pas du tout chez moi...

    Est ce que tu peux préciser aussi pour cesvtrois jeux sous quel émulateur ça marche : mame2003, mame2010 ou fba_libretro ?

    Et est ce que tu es sur pi, odroid ou pc ?

  • Tester

    @voljega Je suis sur Pi3,
    KI : Mame 0.78
    GAD : Mame 2010

  • Banned

    @gaetan hmmm et tu sais si tu as un bios en plus pour GA:The Duel ? et nom de la rom ?

  • Tester

    @voljega Oui, effectivement j'ai ajouté un dossier zip bios dans le dossier des roms.

    la rom s'appelle : gaxeduel.zip
    Le dossier bios : stvbios.zip

    J'ai passé toutes ma soirée de hier à tester une dizaine de version de Golden Axe Duel avec tous les core 🙂
    Comme dis, ça fonctionne, il faut être patient au démarrage de la rom et ça lague pas mal. Mais eh 😉

  • Guys english please

    @Dragu i dont get the link with dosbox ??

  • Tester

    @Substring Sorry, back to english 🙂

    text alternatif

  • Banned

    @gaetan OK thanks I will try to test all that and add it to BestArcade if I manage to reproduce it

  • @gaetan use the webmanager for nicer screenshots 😮

    And give your romfile md5 to help voljega 🙂

  • Banned

    @substring I have the right romsets so I don't need md5, and they can be different according to the type of romset, ie split, non-merged, etc

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