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    Hi Everyone,

    I've been reading several posts on these screens.
    I bought one and have entered the codelines that i found in this topic and also tried it with 1024 600 instead of 800 480

    So the recalbox interface is fine,
    but as soon as i open a rom on different emulators, i always have a left margin and an up small one...

    If i change the global.videomode to default then it doesn't fit the whole screen and having a 7inch screen is then useless

    When there is a margin, the global size of the image is much better.

    Any idea please ?

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  • Thank you, do you kow where i can fin DMT resolutions list ?

    I'm affraid to have to configure each emulator separately T_T

    Wonder if 5 inch wouldn't be enough then...

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    @greed hi,
    list of DMT resolution : https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/configuration/config-txt/video.md
    to configure your resolution for all emulator, your can use this line in the recalbox.conf :
    global.videomode=DMT XX HDMI
    dont forget to set your dmt number in the line instead of the XX.

  • Wow great thank you for the list, going to try this as soon as i can, i'll give you an update if anything works correctly !

  • Ok !
    So i've been trying a few settings now and the first "problem" of the screen is that it is a 16/9
    If i change the ratio and not the videomode the resulte is ok on many emulators except the dreamcast one.
    The dreamcast one doesn't center the image on his own.

    Do you know if there is a way to make a padding or something like that please ?

    Is there also a way to enter a custom resolution ?

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    you can try with hdmi cvt in the config.txt :
    something like this, with your own resolution :

    hdmi_cvt=1920 240 60 1 1 0 0

    info on numbers :

    hdmi_cvt=<width> <height> <framerate> <aspect> <margins> <interlace> <rb>
    width        width in pixels
    height       height in pixels
    framerate    framerate in Hz
    aspect       aspect ratio 1=4:3, 2=14:9, 3=16:9, 4=5:4, 5=16:10, 6=15:9
    margins      0=margins disabled, 1=margins enabled
    interlace    0=progressive, 1=interlaced
    rb           0=normal, 1=reduced blanking

    and you need to setup the boot in this custom mode, in the config.txt :


    (custom mode is on mode 87)
    in recalbox.conf, you should put



    global.videomode=DMT 87 HDMI

    I think the default should work.

  • @greed just set global.videomode=default, with the next release you should be able to reliably set it to auto

  • Ok so i've been trying what idarius said.

    I just let the aspect on 3 cause my screen is 16:9

    For the dreamcast emulator and playstation (let's say next gen :p) it works perfectly great !
    Better image scaling and centered !

    For the rest it's ok, it's just that i think it's a too big screen to play retro games.
    The only games who do not fit well on the screen are really old shoot'em up like 19XX

    As i want to include my screen in a portable console (that will work like the switch console) i'll try a 5inch screen and give you an update if it's better if you are interested.

    Thank you for all your informations !

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