Using Keyboard with ZX Spectrum Emulation

  • Hello,

    I have Recalbox running on a Raspberry Pi 3. Everything is working pretty well. I would however like to get the ZX Spectrum emulation working. I can launch games and they start fine, but none of the input methods are working well enough to actually start a game. It appears as though Q and W are the only keys working as Enter and Space from the keyboard. I also have a couple of clone (SZMY-POWER) PS3 Bluetooth controllers working on the internal Pi3 Bluetooth using the official driver. But these do not work in the ZX Spectrum emulator except for the Select button that brings up the on-screen keyboard.

    Is there anyway to "simply" use the full keyboard in the ZX Emulator?



  • I'm sure I read there is a bug in the emu's keyboard routine, but the virtual keyboard works perfectly.
    Apart from adventure games or ones where typing is needed, the virtual keyboard has served me perfectly - I just use to select kempston joystick then start game most times!

  • For me keyboard was working well until i did upgrade to the latest updates that stoped working...

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