Arrm (Another Recalbox Roms Manager)

  • Hello everyone, I wrote this little utility to facilitate the management of gamelist.xml for recalbox. If it can be useful to others .... link to download it below, on the page of the site of my children :)

    Download link for ARRM

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    Hello @nexusone13
    subject move in good section : community projects

    thanks for your tool.

  • @nexusone13 Version
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    Tutorial video : (english subtitles available)

    • v (12/30/2017) : Moving roms in a subfolder of the parent folder without losing scrapped informations. Fixes of several bugs.
    • v (12/28/2017) : Fixed a bug with the registry base; added a "No Image" checkbox to avoid downloading images on thegamesdb and MameDb and thus not overwrite existing scrapp. Addition of a checkbox to check the existence of update at the launch of the program. Add a donation link via paypal.
    • v (12/26/2017) : Search for roms in subfolders (thx Virus-Man for the report), Selection of the image type (boxart, screenshot, mixed) to download when scappring auto from TheGamesDB, Backup of the database and extension list (they are deleted when updating)

    Some features:

    • Recovery of the real names of game Mame / Fba / Neogeo / Scummvm via a database
    • Upgrading the gamelist.xml based on the roms files on the disk
    • Set rom to favorite, hidden, normal
    • Filter roms without images
    • Filter roms without description
    • Ability to scrape one or several roms, manually or automatically (search for exact name without prompt) on MameDb and TheGamesDb with recovery of images and informations
    • Filter on genres, or on a string on the name of the roms.
    • Changing the various informations of a roms
    • Bulk deletion of image files that do not match any roms in the gamelist
    • Backup of gamelist.xml from all systems
    • Backup of modified gamelist.xml via the program.
    • Moving romfiles in a subfolder of the parent folder wiithout losing scrapped informations

    Download link :

  • Bonjour,

    Je vais tester ton appli parce qu'elle m'a vraiement l'air géniale.

    Merci pour ce travail et pour la mise à disposition

    Et bonne année à tous !

  • @nexusone13 Impossible de telecahrger ARRM sur ton site.
    Soi ca telecharge une page html ou avec un logiciel de download j'ai l'archive .zip mais elle est corrompu.
    peux tu faire le necessaire.

  • @binbin91 je viens d uploader une nouvelle version ca semble ok... j ai tester via le download du site avec chrome ca passe.

  • @nexusone13 update :

    • v (01/05/2018) : Interface and tooltips in french and english. Fix bug on renaming roms and others little bugs.

    Donwload link :

  • New version :

    • v (01/13/2018) :
      -Resizing main form to fit on 1360*768 résolution
      -Button (Check good name with CRC) to try to find the good title of a rom via its CRC32. Allows TheGamesDB to find games more easily.
      -Checkbox (clean name) associated with the button (Check good name with CRC) allows during this verification to format the title of the game by deleting the characters between () and [] and other embellishments
      -Fixed various small bugs.

    Donwload link :

  • update :

    • v (01/20/2018) : the application window is now 1240x670 so it can be displayed in its entirety on 1280x720 screens. TheGamesDB search window is now centered on the parent window.

  • New version available :

    • v (02/10/2018) :
      updated to include new systems from the new version of recalbox (database updated with crc from this new systems). Takes in charge the scrap on TheGamesDB for the new systems (Amiga, X68000, 3do). Patch suggested by @chris256 is included. Fixed various bugs.

    Download link :

  • New version available :

    v (02/20/2018) :

    Add Gamecube, Nintendo DS, Saturn, Wii in TheGamesDB search.
    Add a button to add disk number, side number or K7 number after the gametitle (if présents in the filename)
    When retrieving Mixed image :

    • if there is no screenshot, retrieve only the Boxart in a large format.
    • In Mixed image, Boxart and Logo/Title are little bigger.

    Download link :

  • Thanks! No Linux version is planned? If no, whatever, but would be nice :)

  • @niculinux unfortunately no :( sorry

  • New version available :

    • v (03/09/2018):

    Added support for Screenscraper for information retrieval (in Fr or En) and images (thanks to screenscraper for their complete and fast database)
    The search on ScreenScraper is done on the name of the file, then the name of the game and finally crc (if checked, attention the calculation of crc can be long on the images iso)
    Added a "save auto gamelist" button to automatically save your gamelist when you switch systems or close the application.
    Fixed some bugs

    Download link :

  • New version available :

    • v (03/10/2018) :
      Manage mixed images differently if screenshot is in portrait format (vertical shmup) or landscape
      The <folder> tags in the gamelist are preserved if you had them and put them back in the new gamelist. Useful if you had customized subfolders with an image. (thanks @ViRuS-MaN )
      Fixed a bug when pressing the 'clear rom' button and various bugs

    Download link :

  • New version available :

    v (03/22/2018)

    • Improve search on screenscraper via md5 and sha1 (if CRC box is checked, to use for Rom who do not have media when searching without CRC)
    • Added a Checkbox "JAP" to retrieve Japanese Boxarts if existing on the Screenscraper database
    • When searching roms for Amiga1200 system, if the term "AGA", "CD32", "CD 32" (with or without parenthesis) is found in the file name, search is done on the correct platform on screenscraper (the term AGA or CD32 is then added to the name of the game, to differentiate it) (NinjaW request)
    • Added a file indicating the roms not found in the scrapper (format: missing_arrm%SYSTEM% _%SCRAPPER% .txt) (Virus-Man request)
    • The media file names are changed and the following suffixes are added to the image file name:
      screenshots: "_scrappername_screenshot_arrm"
      boxart: "_scrappername_boxart_arrm"
      mixed: "_scrappername_mix_arrm"
      the suffix JAP is added if a Japanese boxart is present in the image
    • Fixed some bugs

    Download link :

  • ton option miss top mais si je trouve la jaquette sur thegamesdb et bien y a le miss qui se mets quand meme ca fait bizarre ca quand meme

  • This post is deleted!

  • @virus-man there is one miss file per scraper

    • v (04/14/2018)
    • Taking into account the "playcount" and "lastplayed" in the gamelist
    • Ability to add custom tags in the gamelist.xml via the button "Extra Tag + Default Image". The information about boxart, screenshot, marquee, mix and video (download video) can be retrieved and put in the gamelist.xml.
      Tag names can be customized, but you need to keep an "image" tag for compatibility with Recalbox.
      (The latest version of Emulationstation, not yet available on Recalbox, recognizes the tags "video" and "marquee")
    • Ability to put a default image (for each custom tag) when no image is found during a scrap.
    • Ability to search for the correct name of a game via its MD5 on screenscraper via the button "Check name with MD5" (deletion of the local database of CRC that was not up to date)
    • Add Checkbox "Add Disk" and "Clean Name" activable during a scrap, a search of correct name, or the addition of the # Disk/Tape/Side
      "Cleans name" allows to delete the characters between () and [] and places the articles (the, a, an, they ...) at the beginning of the name
      "Add disk" allows to add at the end of the name the disk/tape/side as well as AGA/CD32 (for amiga)
    • Added a "Join the chat discord" button to join the discord text chat to report bugs or request features
    • Added a changelog clickable link to view application change history
    • "Status" zone increased to display several lines of application messages
    • Text files like gamelist & Extensions now opens with your system default text editor
    • Editable list (button : 'Edit No MD5') of extensions on which the calculation of the MD5 will not be done (in order to save time)
    • bug fix with autosave: All games are automatically selected when "autosave Gamelist" is checked and you click on "create gamelist.xml for selected roms"
    • Added a 'ScummVM short names' button that points to a website indicating short names to use with your .scummvm files
    • Fixed many bugs

    Download link :

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