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  • Hi all

    I wanted to reply to the following post but as is an old one, maybe is a better idea to open a new one. I have been reading several posts in english, french and spanish but I am not sure about the best files structure for this emulator. Currently I have 2 games. For both games I have the empty file as shortname.scummvm:

    0_1513121592644_screen 1.png

    Once I have executed the universal scrapper, this is the result:

    Game 1, folder named without .summvm: it appears as a subfolder in the emulation station without screenshot or data and once I click on it, the game appears with data and screenshot.

    Game 2, folder named with scummvm: I have no data or screenshot in the list but once I click on it, I access directly to the game.

    Which is the best option? I was trying to follow this wiki but people in the forum say different things

    Thanks in advance

  • @pmroyo


    my best option is how described in the blog:

    roms/scummvm/tentacle.scummvm (folder)
    Inside the tentacle.scummvm folder a file called tentacle.scummvm
    Then Scrape with internal scraper.

  • @abunille So, universal XML scrapper won´t work by this way? only the internal scrapper?

  • @pmroyo

    Yes, how I know UXS not work with folder at the moment.
    With the internal scraper you also can scrape via ScreenScraper ;)

  • @abunille I am trying to scrape the games with the internal tool but is not working, it shows the following message:

    I have tried scraping the scummvm and with every single game, but the result is the same. Do you know what I am doing wrong?

  • @pmroyo

    Have you tried with shortname? (monkey.scummvm)
    On your screenshot you don't use it.

  • Revisor

    If you use Screenscrapper as scrapper (even internal), you have to know that very few ScummVM and Dosbox games are known.

    Check here:
    (only 2 games)

    Prefer GamesDB for these two systems.

    For me, it works !

  • @lmerckx

    Thats not right.
    Your link goes to alphabet #
    For Monkey Island as example check here ;)

  • @abunille Done. My mistake was use the long name in the folder and the short name in the file, instead of using short name in both.
    Thank you very much

  • @pmroyo

    You are welcome :)

  • Revisor

    Oups ... sorry for my mistake.

  • Revisor

    Stupid question : should'nt we add long names as ROM too ?

    It will allow to recognize directories with complete game name too ...

  • @lmerckx said in SCUMMVM structure:

    Oups ... sorry for my mistake.

    No problem dude, all good :)

    The Question with long name is not stupid. I think it can be a good idea.
    But I don't know if it works.
    I will check that.

  • @lmerckx This might as well be a problem on the ScreenScraper API, not just how games are referenced.

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