[FileList] Scrapping ScummVM

  • If you need to scrape your ScummVM File, Screenscraper just add this system (very few info to scrape, but don't hesitate to participate)

    To use ScummVM on your recalbox you need to create a "fake" file (See the Wiki)

    This is a Rar file HERE with all the short name (!!! NO ROM INSIDE !!!)

    These files are made like that :
    shortname.scummvm with inside the file longname

    So you can scrape these file with Universal XML Scraper and have all the ScummVM info present in Screenscraper

  • Hi Screech.

    Is there any way to put the .scummvm files out of the game folder? When I tried this, the ScummVM does not recognize the games. Open the emulator and displays an error message.

    And with .scummvm file in the game folder the UXS creates two paths.


    	<path>./Broken Sword 1 The Shadow of the Templar/sword1.scummvm</path>
            <another infos here...>
    	<path>./Broken Sword 1 The Shadow of the Templar</path>
            <another infos here...>

  • nope, .scummvm files have to be INSIDE. For now at least ...

  • If you want, you can try to change in you UXS-config.ini this line :

    $RechFiles = '*.*|*.xml;*.txt;*.dv;*.fs;*.xor;*.drv;*.dat;*.nv;*.cue;*.sav*'


    $RechFiles = '*.scummvm'

    just to test.

    Normally with this, it will take only scummvm file so it will not create 2 path...

  • In the PumpKHeaD example, which one should be removed ? folder path or game path ?

  • The path with the .scummvm file must be keeped I think 😉

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