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8Bitdo Zero cannot pair correctly after restar in the new version 17.12.02

  • After the new update when I pair the 8bitdo zero I can play perfectly with it, but the problems come when I restard or turn off the recalbox. The next time when I turned it on, I pressed the button to pair the device but the device didn´t work. Does anybody have the same problem?

  • @xnet1986 mine works perfect. How do you turn your recalbox off ?

  • @substring I turn off the recalbox normaly, pressing select and turn off the system. I don´t know what can happen because before update it was working perfectly. how did you pair your "8bitdo zero"?

  • It happens for me too, with my

    8Bitdo NES 30 Pro and FC 30 Pro.

    i have 4 of them connected to my System.
    Before 17.12.02 all of them worked fine after i setup them on bluetoothctl.
    Now after the update, it is russian roulette after each restart if i have to pair them again entirly.

    I don't know what has been changed, but it broke something for bluetooth connection.

  • Staff

    Nothing has been changed on bluetooth on this version. You should reset your pad and pair it again.

  • @oyyodams Thank you so much for all your help. After restart few times and pair again, now it works perfectly. I don´t know if the problem came when I changed the drivers for the PS3 controller... Anyway thank you again.

  • Staff

    @xnet1986 you're welcome!

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