Dualshock 4 will not connect/stay connected no matter what I try.

  • Odroid XU4
    Recalbox version (build) :
    Hardware (Micro SD, Power Supply, etc.): Sandisk Ultra 16gb, 500gb Hitachi SATA hdd, Onvian Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle.
    Controller(s): Dualshock 4 & Mouse/Keyboard

    I've tried pairing using the inapp menu option, it didn't even pick up the DS4. I then looked at a tutorial and tried to set it up remotely in the command terminal.
    Each time it connects it instantly disconnects automatically. Once I close the terminal down and restart Recalbox the DS4 will neither connect nor pair. If I use the menu pairing option Recalbox will now see the DS4, but when I try to pair it it fails and a message box saying it is "Unable to pair".
    I am a few hours away from putting the SBC in the microwave and playing Pokemon Go in traffic.


  • Let me add that I had RetroPie installed in the same Odroid XU4 earlier and the DS4 paired and worked without a hitch. I decided to start all over and install Recalbox because of the Dreamcast support.

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  • @paradadf I actually saw that post and tried your suggestion earlier. I just tried it again now, pressed the button on the back of the DS4 while it was in pairing mode, I even tried selecting the "forget paired bluetooth devices" option in Recalbox.
    Recalbox recognized the controller by it's ID numbers rather than "Wireless Controller". I tried to pair it and it gave the "Unable to pair controller" notification.

    I actually got the controller working temporarily using the "bluetoothctl" command in putty, from the tutorial page. But once I restart the system it will not re-pair with the controller. Been at it for hours.

    I think I have tried basically everything that can be done within reason. I even tried adding a command to the boot.ini file. I am just going to have to settle without a dreamcast emulator.

  • @megatimx I just ordered a new controller, maybe something was wrong with that one. It should get here in a few hours thanks to the wonders of Amazon.

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